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About Da'at

“Daat” is published twice a year by Bar-Ilan University, Department of Jewish Philosophy.

Editors: Dov Schwartz, Avi Elqayam, Hanoch Ben-Pazi

Previous editors: The late Emmanuel Levinas and Nachum Arieli, Moshe Chalamish

The Journal “Daat” specializes in Hebrew and English research into Jewish Philosophy and Kabbalah. These are approached from various viewpoints: philosophical, theological, psychological, the history of ideas, historical, biographical, bibliographical, comparative research and more. The objective of “Daat” is to open up horizons. Accordingly, the Editorial Board will consider articles from areas such as the philosophy of Halacha, Rabbinical thought, creative theology, current and “New Wave” thought that meet scientific standards.

“Daat” appeared for the first time in the winter of 5738 (1978), shortly after the death of Prof. Moshe Schwartz, who was meant to have been its editor, but did not live to be so, to our great loss. The editorship passed to the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas, who served as Chief Editor for the first nineteen editions. In fact, the editing of the first six editions, 5738-5740 (1978-1980) was handled by Nachum Arieli, while Moshe Chalamish and Avi Saguy served as editorial coordinators.

Between 5741-5775 (1981-2015), from the seventh until the eightieth editions, Moshe Chalamish served as the editor of “Daat”. We offer our appreciation and wish him a double reward from Heaven for his enormous dedication to the journal on which he labored day and night so that the editions would be published regularly throughout his term as editor. After he stepped down as editor of “Daat”, three editors were appointed to that position: Dov Schwartz, Avi Elqayam and Hanoch Ben-Pazi.

“Daat” is published regularly every six months, in editions of at least 160 pages. Each edition includes articles in Hebrew and English, abstracts, lists of book reviews, and a section of book reviews received.

This work, and more, the level of the articles and the interest they generated, allowed “Daat” to enter academic departments in Israel and abroad, and to recognition among the educated. Among the authors may be counted some of the great academics in Jewish Philosophy and Kabbalah, as well as those just starting their careers, where the quality of their work indicates serious potential.

Some of the editions are dedicated as Jubilee Books and some In Memoriam. In 5764 (2004) there appeared a complete volume, “Daat HaRambam – Maimonides’ Thought”, a collection of research articles about the thinking of the Rambam, which were published in various editions of “Daat”, running to 894 pages.

“Daat” is open to researchers from all over the world, and every article is scientifically reviewed according to accepted standards.