Da’at 85



Hebrew Section:
■ Essays
Shaul Magid
Can Jewishness Ever Be Stable?:The Necessity and Hazards of Theorizing the Jew 7Shlomy Mualem
Originality of the Soil: Wittgenstein’s Philosophy of Jewish Intellectualism and Transcendental Ethics 17

Dov Schwartz
The Status of Religion in the State:
Several Social and Cultural Perspectives 39■ Research
Dror Ehrlich
Dāwūd Al-Muqammiş on Eternal Punishment 63

Shalom Sadik
Natural Law and the Election of Israel in the Thought
of Rabbi Abraham Bar Hiyya 77

Shaul Efrati
Divine Providence in the Lexicographic Chapters of
The Guide of the Perplexed 91
Alexander Even-Chen
On the Onkelos Translations in The Guide of the
Perplexed 141Amira Eran
What Was Ralbag’s Influence on the Translation of
Ibn Daud’s The Exalted Faith, and on Its Anonymous
Commentary? 167

Itzhak Rosenblum
The Guide of the Perplexed Among the Maskilim and the
Scholars of Galicia 189Lee Bartov
“Deposed Idols and Abandoned Temples”:
A Reexamination of the Affinity Between Hillel Zeitlin
and Lev Shestov 229

Terry Weinberg
“Judaism and Modern Man”: Studies in Will Herberg’s
Thought and His Contribution to Jewish Thought in
America in the Post-World War II Period 269Pini Ifargan
Hans Blumenberg on the ‘Absolute’ Metaphor of the
Cave: Thinking the Origin or Telling a Story? 287

Tzahi Weiss
“Their Heart Was Turned Away from the Uppermost”:
Rethinking the Boundaries of Kabbalistic Literature and
the Opposition to Kabbalah in the First Half of the
13th Century 307

Adam Afterman The Mysticism of the Tetragrammaton and the Holy
Spirit in the Book Reshit Chochmah 341Uri Safrai
Nusaḥ Haari and the Polemic Over Prayer Customs
in the Aftermath of the Expulsion from Spain 365

Yaniv Mezuman
The Kabbalistic Method of Rabbi Shalom Shar‘abi in
Understanding the Writings of Rabbi Itzhak Luria 389Ephraim Ḥamiel
Samuel David Luzzatto and Rachel Morpurgo: Between
Kabbalah and Human Reason 415

Israel Ori Meitlis
From Philosophical to Hasidic Conceptual Analysis:
From Rabbi Joseph Rozin to Rabbi Menahem Mendel
Schneerson 425Reuben ha-Kohen Uriah
“The Future to Come” in the Teachings of Rabbi
Menahem Mendel Schneerson as a Touchstone for his
Immanent Teachings 445

Matanya Sternberg
“They Are Given into Your Hands and Not You into
Theirs”: Rabbi Abraham Itzhak Ha-Kohen Kook’s
Writings and Self-Awareness as a Kabbalist 537

■ Remembrance
Zev Harvey Charles Shalom Touati: Jewish Philosophy Researcher 563

■ Book Reviews
Roni Bar-Lev
Avi Sagi and Dov Schwartz, From Realism to
Messianism: Religious Zionism and the Six-Day War,
Jerusalem: Shalom Hartman Institute and Carmel
Publishing House, 2017 [Hebrew] 571

■ Book Received 577
■ Hebrew Abstracts 581
■ List of Participants 583
English Section
■ Articles
Ronen Pinkas
Correlation and Orientation: Erich Fromm’s Position
on Religion in Light of Hermann Cohen and Franz
Rosenzweig VIIAvi Sagi
Suffering, Compassion, and Consolation: Reflections on
Aharon Appelfeld’s Writings XXXVII

■ Book Reviews
Raphael Jospe
Israel Drazin, Mysteries of Judaism, Jerusalem: Gefen,
2014 LXIII

Marcia Pally
Ephraim Meir, Becoming Interreligious: Towards a
Dialogical Theology from a Jewish Vantage Point, Münster:
Waxmann Publishing 2017 LXIX

Shlomo H. Pick
Dov Schwartz, From Phenomenology to Existentialism:
The Philosophy of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, Vol. 2,
Translated by Batya Stein, Leiden: Brill 2013 LXXIII

■ English Abstracts LXXIX