Guidelines for submitting articles

Writers interested in submitting their articles to the Journal “Daat” should submit them in two copies: Electronic copy to: and a hard copy to the editorial address. The “Daat” Editorial Board requests those writing articles to submit them according the following guidelines:

General information

  • An abstract should be attached in the language of the article
  • An article written in a foreign language should have an abstract in Hebrew
  • An article written in Hebrew should have an abstract in English

The article should be submitted in a Word file, according to the following specifications:

  1. A4 paper, margins 3 cm on each side
  2. Hebrew font David 13
  3. Latin font Times New Roman 12
  4. Spacing 1.5 lines [18 points]
  5. First line of paragraph indented 5 mm [though not after an empty line]
  6. No space between paragraphs


  1. Hebrew font David 11
  2. Latin font Times New Roman 12
  3. Single line spacing
  4. Note number in font David 11, not superscript
  5. Text of the first line of a note indented 5 mm [using Tab]
  6. Other lines of the note indented 5mm [hanging indent]
  7. Do not use Endnotes

Names of books in body of article and in the notes:

  1. In Hebrew – bold, without quotation marks
  2. In Latin – italics, without quotation marks
  3. Names of articles: Inverted comma before and after name.  Not bold
  4. Font and font size remain unchanged for the name of a book or article

Design of Article Title:

  1. Space 8 lines
  2. Name of author [First name Last name (with no comma between them)] font 14
  3. Space one line
  4. Article title font 16
  5. Space 2 lines
  6. Type of font does not change in titles